Friday, August 16, 2013

7 Practical Steps in Getting Him to Marry You

What's very irritating in a relationship is when a man takes you so far in it, only to not want to propose to you. Men can be terrified of marriage and may often stay away from it altogether. To help him beat his fears of marriage, you need to be aware of his reluctance when it comes to getting married. Here are some of the factors that should be mentioned, when it comes to practical ways in getting him to marry you.


Giving him the right examples to look at
His buddies could be telling him not to get married, and that his life is over when he does. Their jokes about marriage may be influencing his desire to get married more than his love could.

Along with observing bad break ups and divorces, his ideas about marriage may not be as healthy as yours. You need to put virtuous and affirmative representatives of marriage in front of his sight. Such as; happily married couples, older couples who have made it, kids, and others who still are in love together.


Stop smothering him
Guys can at times take for granted what comes to them so easily. In addition to, if you are giving him too much attention, he could be thinking that this is how the rest of marriage will be like, which is what you don't want. Offer him space to breathe and don't overcrowd him. This will allow him to come back to the relationship feeling relaxed and will make him miss and desire your affection.


Men don't care about the details
For a guy, preparing a ceremony isn't something they look forward to. He may have plans to marry you, but the details of a ceremony and the planning that takes place along with the ceremony is something that he is not looking forward to. Men don't get as excited about preparing weddings and the little details that go into them.

By not mentioning the tiny and precise details about a wedding, it can keep him away from the stress of it. This may help him actually want to go through with it. Planning a ceremony can be the issue that keeps him from getting married.


Give him certainty about the marriage

People need ambitions and hope to look forward to in life otherwise they will stick to the present. When it comes to getting married, you need to show him the intriguing subjects in marriage that he can look forward to. Men don't naturally hope to get married throughout their whole child years. Men usually grow up with other targets and hopes in life.

Goals in your marriage need to be put in front of him, and give him something to hope for in your life together. Remind him about the honeymoon, or living together in a new area, or your new and fantastic life together. These are goals that can inspire him into marriage, rather than you having to push him into it, let him assume it was his idea.


Men can be scared of failure
Men can be terrified of marriage and the fear of failure is a huge part of a guy's psyche. Many marriages end in separation and watching them is what may be triggering his fears. Fear can play a big role in the choices we make. It's necessary to take this fear into account when realizing a guy's fear of getting married.

By comforting him, you can quiet his fears. What's required is to comfort his fear of failing, and encouraging his ability to keep you happy in a life together for the rest of your life.


Financial worries
When marriage comes up, guys don't have the same ideas women do. Men usually think about the cost of a wedding more so than the love and the meaning of it. What's required is to shift his emphasis off of the financial worries of marriage and onto the meaning of it.

This is done by letting him know that you're flexible when it comes to leaving out some of the more exorbitant expenses when it comes to the ceremony and being married. Yes, you have been planning this event your entire life, but in his thoughts he may be feeling the pressure of satisfying your expensive dreams. This could be why he is unwilling to getting married.


Let him know your love for him, not just getting married
Some guys assume that they are being used when it comes to getting married. As some women desire to get married because they feel time is running out for them, and not because they want to be with a specific guy.

Remind him of your love for him, which is the end goal of marriage. There needs to be a clear difference that you want to marry him because you are in love with him, and not just get married for the reasons of a childhood dream.


These are topics that will encourage him towards marriage, and what he should be focusing on. There are many thought processes that go through a man's feelings that stop them from getting married. Understanding his anxieties can help you as his partner, relax him and help him see marriage the way you do and he should.
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